Dekalb History Center Wedding – Kaylan and Lamar
March 17, 2024
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Dekalb History Center Wedding

I knew Kaylan and Lamar’s wedding at The Dekalb History Center would be an awesome day! Their engagement session was amazing and the couple got to photograph their love for each other and their respected fraternity/sorority. The couple did a first look before the wedding ceremony and this was followed by bridal party portraits. This wedding has also been featured on Atlanta Style Wedding under, “Pretty in Pastel: Kaylan & Lamar’s Historic DeKalb Courthouse Wedding.”

Getting To Know Kaylan and Lamar

How did the two of you meet?

Lamar and I both attended the same college, The University of Louisiana at Monroe. Although we are 9 years apart and did not attend at the same time, Monroe, Louisiana is a small town and everyone knows someone that knows someone. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc and both of our chapters, along with another chapter hosted an annual event called Love Doesn’t Hurt. Lamar stared at me during the entire event like he was Kanye West. I noticed someone was staring at me so I looked and saw him staring, but he never looked away even after our eyes caught #AWKWARD. I was sitting next to my best friend and I asked her “Why does this old man keep staring at me and why is he sweating so much?” I assumed that Lamar was married (no he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, but he’s an Omega, they don’t wear their wedding rings and get mad when you mention their wives #KIDDING) I graduated with my bachelors degree on May 11, 2019 and my line sister mentioned me on her snapchat. Maybe an hour later I received a notification that Lamar added me on snapchat. He constantly slid up on my stories commenting, but I still didn’t take him seriously. It wasn’t until my founder’s day on January 13, 2020 that I told him if he was serious he would make my CashApp ring, and he CashApped me money for lunch and after that the rest is history. LOL

What did you do for your first date?

Lamar and I started conversing during the rise of the pandemic in January 2020 therefore it took a while before we went on our first “official date.” Our first date was on Monday October 12, 2020. He asked me a week in advance if I would be comfortable going to a hookah lounge that his line brother owned because he wanted to have an official outing with me besides my couch. He assured that we would go on a Monday when he knew that there would not be a lot of people in the building and the vibes would be chill. Of course I agreed to it. I texted my best friend moments before wanting to cancel because I was so nervous, but she wouldn’t let me. He told me we would get daiquiri’s before going. Lamar is a huge jokester so we’re sitting in the car and it was completely quiet. He tells me “I like your Old Navy outfit.” I immediately bursted out laughing because my entire outfit was from Old Navy and I really thought that I was cute. After that moment I relaxed. We arrived at the hookah lounge, and like he said there was not a lot of people there. We walked in and he introduced me as “his girl” to one of his line brothers. Lamar hadn’t officially asked me to be his girlfriend at the time so I was shocked, We sat down and he taught me how to properly smoke hookah, we drank, enjoyed the music and each other’s company. He was up dancing, singing, and being the entertainer that he is. It was strictly chill vibes. Later on that night we stopped to get McDonalds before we went back to my apartment, We were sitting on my floor eating our food and I brought up the comment of him calling me his girlfriend, and at that moment he finally asked me to be his girlfriend.

Who proposed and how?

Lamar proposed to me on April 2, 2022. Without my knowledge he planned for my immediate family and his immediate family to be at my dad’s house. In March Lamar told me that he wanted to go to Atlanta to visit family because life was short and we needed to make a better effort of not letting so much time pass in between seeing our loved ones. I agreed, but was skeptical because we had planned to go to the Culture Tour the weekend before on March 26, 2022. I live in Texas so I had to buy a flight, and he is in Louisiana so he was able to drive, but we had to get a hotel. With this in mind, I was thinking if we go to Atlanta we both would need flights plus another hotel so I expressed to him that this was a bad idea financially. He told me to not worry and just trust him, so I agreed. When we went to the Culture Tour Concert on the 26th Lamar serenaded me to My Heart Belongs to You by Jodeci. We had floor seats and he was seriously standing up in front of me singing to me. He is the unofficial member of Jodeci. Fast forward to Friday April 1, 2022, I was telling my step mom Erika about how much fun we had at the concert and how he serenaded me to My Heart Belongs to You and she smiled and laughed. On that Saturday the 2nd I wanted to hang out with my parents but everyone had plans and seemed to be avoiding us. Let me just say that I was pissed because I was in town and everyone was too busy to stop their plans to see us. Lamar and I ended up going to Dave and Buster’s to hang out. We played games, then ate at the bar and took shots (little did I know he was trying to calm his nerves.) We were supposed to just be going to my dad’s house for a cookout so we said we would get there at 4. I was in no rush to go because everyone was busy so I was dragging my feet to head over there. As Lamar is driving, he is sweating profusely and I exclaimed “Are you okay?” I was seriously worried because we were in the car sitting in air conditioner and he looked like he was getting sick. He said he was fine so I continued to take selfies. As we pull up at my dad’s house there are a ton of cars and I asked Lamar “who are all of these people.” He stated “one of the neighbors must be having a party.” I agreed because none of the cars were in my dad’s drive way. I saw one of my step mom’s friends walking in and I spoke to her asked her what she was doing and she said she was just stopping by and I said okay. My dad answered the door. Him and Lamar have a thing about playing pool all the time, so my dad told him to go rack up the pool table downstairs. I stayed upstairs to talk to my dad and uncle, and I heard someone tell us to come downstairs. My dad walks downstairs, and I walk downstairs after him and speak to my aunt who I knew was in town. I hugged her and turned right and I see Lamar on one knee with My Heart Belongs to You playing in the background. I immediately bursted into tears, he is crying, and so is everyone else. My aunt had to walk me over to him because I was speechless and frozen. He told me “you know I love you right, so will you marry me?” Of course I said yes! Next thing I know, the lights came on and I saw all of our immediate family and friends in the background smiling, recording videos, taking pictures, and wiping their tears. It was our engagement party I had walked into unknowingly. #CaughtInAHayes

What made you select The Dekalb History Center for your wedding venue?

I was born and raised on the south side in Jonesboro, Georgia. With this being noted, I knew that I wanted my wedding somewhere in the Atlanta or surrounding areas as a farewell tour because Lamar lives in Louisiana and that is where we will reside as a newlywed couple. I picked the wedding venue because of the raving reviews. Also, my step mom Erika had coworkers/friends that got married at the Historic Dekalb Courthouse. Lastly, growing up my dad joked about me just getting married at a courthouse that way he would not have to pay for a wedding. My how jokes turn into reality sort of because we’re getting married at the courthouse alright, just not the one he thought.

Lastly, when people reflect back on your wedding, what do you want them to say?

When people reflect back on our wedding I would like them to say that they felt the unconditional love between me and Lamar, and as well as our families. We are both very family oriented and our families hit it off immediately. I also want people to reflect on how beautiful the ceremony and reception both were and how they had the time of their lives. Our engagement party was so full of love, laughter, and happy tears and I expect all of these feelings plus so much more at the wedding. I want people to talk about our wedding as if it was their fairytale wedding. I hope everyone feels welcomed, eats good, drinks, and dances the night away.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Lamar and I would just like to continue to thank you for being a part of our special day!

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Historic DeKalb Courthouse
Planner: Crystal Pink Events
Videographer: Thomas Vision Films
Officiant: Pastor Vera Spencer
Floral: Le Bam Studio
Hair: GlamNovaj
Makeup: B For Beaute.co
Jewelry: Kay Jewelers
Groom’s Formalwear: Phirst Impression Menswear
Catering: Endive Fine Catering
Cake: Cakes By LaMeeka
DJ: DJ RoadBlocka
Photo Booth: Modern Luxury Booth
Lighting: Up Light Your Event

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