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July 28, 2016
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When I met Kim and Jimmy for the first time during their wedding consultation, I could not wait to photograph their wedding at the Douglasville Conference Center. Not only because there would be a traditional wedding ceremony, but also a traditional Laotian ceremony. With beautiful images captured on their engagement session, I couldn’t help but imagine how their final wedding images would look.

Traditional Laos Ceremony

A day before the wedding Kim and Jimmy had a traditional Laos ceremony at their residence. The morning began with the “hae keuy” procession, which is the groom being paraded to the bride’s home. Jimmy wore a cream colored silk outfit and was escorted under an umbrella held by his friends. Before Jimmy could enter the house he had to take a drink with the bride’s relatives and pay them to open the doors. After several minutes of discussion between the two families, Jimmy was granted permission to enter the household of the bride.

During the “baci” ceremony, Kim wore a beautiful traditional Lao silk sinh (Lao skirt). The ceremony involved chanting by the elders, the tying of white string on wrists to unite the couple, the exchanging of gifts, and an endless amount of smiles. After well wishes from the elders, parents, and relatives of both parties, the tradition continued with Kim and Jimmy being escorted by family members to their room where family photographs were taken.

Douglasville Conference Center Wedding Ceremony

The tradition continued into the following day with the wedding ceremony taking place at the Douglasville Conference Center. This is where friends and family gathered to witness the union of Kim and Jimmy. There were some unique customs including the announcement of the bride and groom’s family members, who were all welcomed to the middle of the dance floor. Once all the family members were present Kim and Jimmy walked out to the middle of the dance floor symbolizing both families uniting as one. The couple also did a toast by going to the table of each guest and pouring a shot of liquor. Everyone at the table toast and gave their blessings to the happy couple.

Cain’s Camera would like to wish Kim and Jimmy the very best and thank you again for choosing us to photograph your special day. We had a blast photographing your union and you are truly loved by your family and friends. Also, a very special thank you goes to Crystal Pink Events for introducing us to this awesome couple.

Getting to Know the Bounloms

Who proposed and how?
Of course Jimmy proposed! He surprised me at my birthday dinner. I had 15 of my closest girlfriends there to witness this special moment. I had no idea! The only one that knew was my best friend. She kept it a secret. Everyone that attended the dinner was surprised. After we ate dinner, blew out my cake, my best friend mentioned she had one more surprise for me. Jimmy walked in with roses (Jimmy always surprises me during my birthday dinners) So I didn’t think nothing of it. I gave him a hug and sat down. When I looked to my right, he was on one knee!! It was crazy I cried like a baby! I actually have that on video tape.

Can you tell us a bit about your plans for your wedding?
On June 24th we are having our traditional Laos ceremony at our home. We will be surrounded by family and few close friends. On June 25th we will be having a quick vow ceremony (we will start as soon as guest are seated and have arrived) at the Douglasville Conference Center. We have a traditonal Laos toasting where we go around each table and pass out shots (yes, liquor shots). Jimmy and I will toast to wine or champagne. We also announce the bride and groom’s side not to mention we will dance in our first traditional Laos dance. It will be a fun and exciting wedding! We can’t wait!

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Wedding Vendors
Venue: Douglasville Conference Center
Wedding Coordinator: Crystal Pink Events
Photo Booth: Shutterbooth
Makeup Artist: Scoobie West
Hair Artist: Tiffany Siharaj
Florist: Carithers Events
Cake Artist: Cakes By LaMeeka
Band/DJ: Traditonal Laotian Band/ DJ Dizzy K

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