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September 22, 2016
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Lindsey and Sean - Engagement

I met Deana and MJ through one of my favorite wedding planners Crystal Pink Events. We sat down for our initial consultation and discussed what they were looking for in regards to wedding photography. They were adamant about capturing their personalities through candid photos, formal photographs of the family, and a unique look to their wedding images. I knew we had all these requests covered and could not wait for their engagement session.

The Wedding at the King Plow Arts Center:

Once July came it was now time to focus on the wedding at the King Plow Arts Center. Upon our arrival there was an intimate look to the venue with candles placed throughout the ceremony space. The beautiful drapery was provided by Unique Event Elements and the floral arrangements by Chelsea Floral Design. We quickly captured all of our detail shots prior to the guest arriving and captured a ton of candid moments during the ceremony.

Deana and MJ did not mind taking some additional photos during the reception. We love being able to take as many photos as possible. We took advantage of the time of day with some night time photos and also the artwork around the venue.

Cain’s Camera would like to wish Deana and MJ the very best and thank you again for choosing us to photograph your special day. It was our honor to photograph your wedding and it was our honor to serve. Also, a very special thank you goes to Crystal Pink Events for introducing us to this amazing couple.

Their Story

How did the two of you meet? MJ and I met in 2011 at our workplace! It all started as fun, friendly flirting and escalated quickly and definitely unexpectedly! Its funny because people always preach about it not being a good idea to work with the one you love…well we quickly realized how true this fact was and decided that our new relationship was worth a major sacrifice….and Deana had to find a new job, LOL.

What did you do for your first date? Our first date was simple yet full of chemistry and great vibes! We met for lunch and really wanted to be able to sit down outside of our hectic workplace and really focus on each other and have great conversation without all of the noise and distractions!

Who proposed and how? Perfection! It was Deana’s Birthday and usually she’s pretty low key with her birthday celebrations but this year MJ decided to surprise her with a big surprise party with all her family and friends! It was a total surprise and not even 10 minutes into the party MJ was on his knee asking for her hand in marriage! Deana knew something was up though the moment she noticed that even some of her closest family had come all the way from out of town to attend the party and she’d always expressed to MJ that it meant a lot to her to have her family and friends present when he asked for her hand in marriage! It was truly a dream and it was so much love in the air!

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Wedding Vendors

Venue: King Plow Arts Center
Wedding Coordinator: Crystal Pink Events
Videographer: Joshua Kirk
Hair and Makeup Artist: Ashley Greene, Rachel Renee, and Yaya Dower
Florist: Chelsea Floral Design
Drapery: Unique Event Elements
Cake Artist: Perfect Wedding Cakes
DJ: Dante Williams