Roswell Mill Engagement Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Deanna and Charles
December 23, 2016
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Lindsey and Sean - Engagement

The Engagement Session at Roswell Mill

Upon meeting these two, I immediately realized that they had such great chemistry. I knew I would come away with some awesome candids. I’ve been to Roswell Mill a couple of times for engagement sessions. Anytime I visit a place I’ve been before, I always try to do something different. With this in mind, I paid less attention to the popular locations such as the bridge and the waterfall. Instead, I focused on trails, pathways, and different camera angles. I discussed this game plan with the couple and they were all in!

Deanna and Charles were all smiles on such a hot summer day during their engagement session at Roswell Mill and we kept cool by staying in the shade. During the first hour we walked along the bridge and p. If you have ever seen my work before, you know I love clouds. I wanted these white fluffy clouds to play a part of our engagement session. While walking back from the trail I noticed how perfect the clouds were and I photographed the couple from the side of the bridge with the clouds in the background. We then decided to have the couple switch into their formal attire.

During this downtime of transitioning my assistant and I discussed what locations we would shoot next. We decided to focus on the waterfall area, textures, and pathways.

My Introduction to Deanna and Charles

One of my favorite engagement sessions this year was with Deanna and Charles. Once Deanna inquired about our services, I had an over-the-phone consultation. I learned more about what they envisioned as far as a wedding photographer. During our conversation, I learned that Charles deserved credit for discovering me. After viewing so many different wedding photographer profiles, he saw a uniqueness in my style. This is why I was selected to photograph an extraordinary day to remember.

The wedding on September 16th, 2016 at the Venetian was a huge success and I will complete a blog post in the near future.

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