Southern Exchange Ballrooms Wedding – Kara and Kalu
March 21, 2024
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Southern Exchange Ballrooms Wedding

Kara and Kalu had an amazing engagement session at Vines Botanical Gardens and I looked forward to their wedding day. They had a traditional Nigerian wedding ceremony two days before at the Stone Ridge Event Center. Their wedding day took place at the Southern Exchange Ballrooms in downtown Atlanta, Georiga. The event space is spacious, has marble floors, and beautiful chandeliers that decorate the ceiling.

Getting To Know Kara and Kalu

How did the two of you meet?

From https://www.zola.com/wedding/karaandkalu

Kara and Kalu met through a mutual friend, Elizabeth De Jesus aka our Cupid. Kalu was in his pharmacy having a discussion with one of his technicians about being single. Elizabeth overheard Kalu’s conversation and started her master plan. She reached out to Kara to ask if she was single and if she would be willing to meet someone new. Elizabeth told Kalu that she had someone she wanted him to meet. Elizabeth provided Kalu and Kara with each other’s contact information and left it up to them. Kalu reached out to Kara that evening and the conversation was very generic.

Kalu attended the University of Georgia while Kara attended Auburn University. The two discussed football and the weather for a couple days. On April 19th (Kalu remembers dates so excuse him) the two had their first phone conversation. The conversation started to pick up a little bit more (Kalu told Kara he just bought a mirror from HomeGoods) between the two and eventually ended with Kalu saying “I guess I have to take you on a date now”. Kara completely caught off guard by the statement, said I guess you owe me for my time.

Fast forward to April 24th Kara and Kalu went on their first date, as Kalu got closer to Kara’s apartment to pick her up, it began to pour down raining. That did not stop Kalu from being a gentleman and getting out the car with his umbrella to help Kara in the car. Kara completely ignored the umbrella and said, “Come on get in the car, my hair is getting wet”. Kara entered the car and was surprised to hear one of her favorite artists playing, Kem “Love Calls” Kem happens to be Kalu’s favorite artists too. After they returned to Kara’s apartment the two sat in the car for hours and let the Pandora app do it’s thing. Adore by Prince came on and Kalu hit a high note and then leaned in for a kiss. That was the beginning of what has been an exciting and refreshing journey for the two.

What did you do for your first date?

The Lawrence restaurant in midtown

Who proposed and how?

At the Nike store! See the full video on our wedding website, link below. https://www.zola.com/wedding/karaandkalu

What made you select the Southern Exchange Ballooms for your wedding?

The beautiful chandelier!

Lastly, when people reflect back on your wedding, what do you want them to say?

Damn they look good! And then mannnnnn we had a time last night! And dang I partied so hard I can’t move the next morning.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We are sooooooo exhausted with wedding planning. We are just ready to not think and be pampered. We want to feel like the Royals we are! But if we do think of anything else we will let you know.

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Southern Exchange
Planner: Kaycia Rhone Events
Videographer: Thomas Vision Films
Officiant: Rev. Phillip White
Florist: Niq Williams Events
Hair Stylist: Brandan Combs
Makeup: Glam Boss
Cake: Confection Perfection
DJ: Press Play Productions – DJ Ever
Photo Booth:
A/V and Lighting: SEAV Event Technology
Entertainment: Allan on Sax

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