Tate House Wedding – Shavonne and Jarrius
April 10, 2024
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Tate House Wedding

Check out these beautiful wedding photos from the Tate House in Tate, Georgia. The views of the north Georgia Mountains were amazing and I am so glad the couple chose to do a first look. Special thanks to the them for adding me to their preferred vendors list as I truly appreciate the support.

Getting To Know Shavonne and Jarrius

How did the two of you meet?

Shavonne’s version: We initially met at a mutual friend’s NYE party 12/31/19. but Jarrius didn’t have the courage to talk to me just yet. We did play a VERY CLOSE game of spades, which unfortunately due to my partner’s lack of experience, my team lost by one book. Forward to 2/2021, we reconnected around the firepit at the same friend’s house. This time, Jarrius spent the entire night bragging about how well he can keep the fire going in the firepit and showing off his project car. We connected by the end of the night, and exchanged information. We had a couple good conversations via phone and text before I traveled to Mexico. Though Jarrius didn’t check on me while I was gone, I still agreed to go on a date with him when I returned to the states. The TRUE version (Jarrius’ Perspective): We initially met at a NYE party at a mutual friend’s house in December 2019. Shavonne’s college roommate is married to a friend I met in 2017 through a work friend turned close friend. We initially made small talk at the dinner table as I laughed at her for having lipstick on her teeth while trying to have a serious conversation. I wanted to have a side conversation with her, but she was working the room the whole night and I knew maybe 4 of the 20-30 people there so it never happened. I did however school her in spades before she left for the night. Fast-forward 2 years: we met again at the same house in the backyard sitting around the firepit. I was talking to some other people about a project car I had built while she sat on the opposite side of the pit. I was smoking a cigar, which she hates, so I didn’t realize she was keeping her distance until after i put it out. She came over and pretended to be interested in my car story and proceeded to make small talk. We had a good back and forth for maybe an hour or so before the group started thinning out. The home owner’s brother, a friend of mine as well, was pushing me to ask for her number, which I really wanted to do, but I was struggling to find the right time and hated the attention he kept putting on me to do it at the moment. He decided to take matters into his own hands and said, “Hey Shavonne, Jarrius can help you back your car out the steep driveway. I think I have you blocked in ”. Shavonne gave me her keys and walked out with me as we continued to talk. She hopped in the passenger side as I backed out the driveway and said, ” I would love to continue the conversation, would you mind exchanging numbers?” We exchanged numbers and texted a couple times that night. After that night, Shavonne ghosted me for two weeks before I had to check her and make her go on a first date like a real G.

What did you do for your first date?

We grabbed lunch from Bowl Lab in Vinings prior to going on a hike. We talked for a couple of hours about our pasts and hopes/goals for the future while hiking Kennesaw Mountain.

Who proposed and how?

Jarrius proposed. He planned a staycation which consisted of a day full of different activities he knew would interest Shavonne. The day included a date at the gym, followed by brunch, touring the Civil Rights Museum, a foot massage, and a private Salsa lesson. We then went back to Shavonne’s house to change before heading to dinner at a “rooftop restaurant,” but prior to going to the restaurant we had to stop by our AirBnB to “show our IDs?” which Shavonne fell for. We then walked in to a swanky condo where a private chef was preparing an Italian-inspired menu of some of Shavonne’s favorite foods. After pulling Shavonne’s chair out, Jarrius got on one knee and asked her to marry him (his jacket ripped while he was pulling out the ring because he was so nervous lol.) One of Shavonne’s close friends was hiding in a corner capturing this on camera. The next day, Jarrius tricked her into stopping by his house where his parents were staying while in town to “fix the A/C.” She was greeted by her parents and his, toasting congratulations with champagne. They then tricked her into going to the backyard, and suddenly, family and friends from all over the US came outside for the surprise engagement party!

What made you select the Tate House for your wedding?

After searching for and visiting over 10-12 venues, we finally decided on a rustic, barn-like venue, signed the contract, and paid our deposit. Five days later, we received a call being told our venue had been double-booked and our deposit would be returned to us. We tried to work with that venue on agreeing on incentives for the mistake, As we were about to sign the new contract, Shavonne noticed the incorrect date on the contract and was fed up lol. We looked up a few new venues and scheduled a visit with one, Tate House, and we fell in love! We loved the beautiful outdoor scenery, the garden vibe, gorgeous wedding pavilion, backdrop of N. GA mountains, the classic but timeless beauty of the home and walked away knowing that everything leading up to that point happened for a reason. The overall vibe and the variety of pretty indoor and outdoor spaces will create a more elevated and classy experience for us and our guests!

Lastly, when people reflect back on your wedding, what do you want them to say?

We want people to leave feeling like they had a fun time, they laughed a lot, and their feet hurt from dancing so much.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We already have so much gratitude for everyone who is helping our beautiful day come together!

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Tate House
Planner: Ahni & Co.
Videographer: Ashtin Martin Media
Floral: Paul from the Tate House
Hair: Tracey Johnson
Makeup: Glam Krazy
Bride’s Dress: Winnie Couture
Groom’s Formalwear: Bespokuture
Catering: Tate House
Cake: Confection Perfection Cakes
DJ: DJ Nutty

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