The Magic of the First Look!
March 14, 2014
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Lindsey and Sean - Engagement

While I totally understand why most couples prefer the traditional route of waiting to see each other at the ceremony on their wedding day, if a bride and groom opt for a “first look”, it can be just as breathtaking and memorable and often times more intimate than waiting for the ceremony to see one another.  During the first look the bride and groom take this one special moment of quiet before the ceremony to literally be awed by one another and what they are about to embark upon.   They reflect on what has brought them to this day—the love that they share for one another.

As photographers, we love when couples opt for the first look because we capture some of the most beautiful and heartfelt moments between the bride and groom.

We have seen couples quietly whisper to one another and embrace as we snap pictures.  We’ve seen couples moved to tears as they stare in amazement at one another, realizing that their day has finally come!  We’ve seen grooms who are so overwhelmed by the beauty of their bride that they forget we are even there!  It is as if the bride and groom share this secret blissful moment before the ceremony and they drift off into the love they feel for one another.  We feel so privileged to witness these moments.  You can’t beat the authenticity and candor of the first look.  If you are getting married, do not just assume the traditional way of waiting to see your fiancé at the ceremony is the best way to go, consider the magic of the first look!

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